What is Content Marketing and Why Businesses Need to Start Doing It

Content marketing has become a buzzword in recent years and although most businesses know they should be doing it, it’s surprising just how many aren’t.

So what is content marketing?bag-1565402_1280

In principle, it’s a marketing technique where businesses create useful, relevant and sometimes technical content based around their expertise with the sole purpose of establishing themselves as an authority figure within a niche and drawing in business.

From its inception, content marketing, like all forms of digital marketing, has grown exponentially. Initially executed with blog posts, content marketing can include a whole host of different types of content including videos on YouTube, presentations on SlideShare, audio for podcasts and the increasingly popular infographics.

The next question is why do businesses need to start doing it?

The simple answer is keeping up with the competition.

In all business marketing, knowing what your competitors are doing and keeping pace is a large part of maintaining your clientele. When it comes to building a name and a brand, keeping pace is often not enough.

More importantly though, it gives your business a voice.

Boosting brand awareness should be a top priority for businesses. Content marketing is perhaps one of the best ways of doing this because not only can you create fresh, shareable content but you can establish yourself as an expert, encourage your customers to take action and keep your website fresh – all at the same time. It really is a win-win situation.

There are other benefits to content marketing than just giving your business a voice. If you name any globally recognised brand, I guarantee they’re doing content marketing and what’s more surprising is they’ll be doing it in a way no-one else is. Because content marketing is such a broad term and encompasses a wide range of formats, there is a lot of ideas to play with, the question is how restricted is your creativity?

So when it comes to assessing your marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the power of content marketing within your niche and what exactly it could bring to the table. With the business world becoming increasingly competitive, content marketing is one of the very few tactics that could make your voice heard above the rest.

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