Top Tips for Getting the Most Mileage Out of Your Current Content

When it comes to creating content, the production process is only part of it. It’s likely that you’re already familiar with the brainstorming of ideas, and the process of turning those ideas into full blog posts but publishing and sharing your content comes next and this is where you should be putting in at least 40% of your effort.

Many businesses make the mistake of pouring all their effort into the creation of the content and once it’s published, that’s the end of the story. But creating content is costly, and time consuming, and once it’s published there is a whole host of ways you can make the most of it without having to create new stuff.

Share it in your newsletter

If you haven’t broadened your content marketing strategy to include email marketing, the question is; why not? If you’ve already reached this stage then excellent. Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be as simple as a newsletter that contains snippets of your latest blog posts and links on where subscribers can access the rest of the post.

Share on social media

This is a pretty standard suggestion and one you’re likely to already be aware of. Sharing your articles and blog posts on social media is the quickest way to find an audience. Leveraging the correct platforms is key to ensuring that you can reach out to the right clientele and therefore ensure that your content is well received.

Re-purpose your content

Once you’ve created and shared your blog posts, it is by no means the end of that specific topic. Re-purposing has become a hot new trend where organisations can make the most of what they’ve already produced in other forms. This could mean turning a blog post into an infographic, or a webinar, or a video.

Engage with your audience

Posting blog content is similar to sharing on social media, as in you’re not actively engaging with your fan base. Constantly bombarding your audience with content is what will disengage them and will actually prove to have a negative effect on your strategy. Actively engaging and communicating with them in a personal manner will go a long way to ensuring your content is being well-received.

Target your audience

If your business has a number of different facets, ensuring the right content reaches the right audience will also be crucial. You don’t want to be providing irrelevant content to the wrong audience as it will only discourage interaction and engagement.

When it comes to managing a content marketing strategy, it’s important that you make sure the work you do is as effective as possible to help improve your ROI. By not maximising the effect of your content, you’re missing out on potential engagement. This might not seem like so much of a big deal, but essentially, it’s your audience who will become your clients.

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