The Beauty of Evergreen Content and Why You Need it in Your Strategy

Evergreen content and SEO are two buzzwords that have recently been making the rounds. Although many believe they’re employing both of these techniques in their strategies, others are still being left behind in terms of giving their website a boost.

What is evergreen content?

Simply put, evergreen content is content that is continuously relevant. It is a topic that can be read now and in 12 months with tips or advice that is still relevant and on-trend. Those who make a conscious effort in producing evergreen content will see a boost in their SEO rankings, providing its done correctly.

Similar to the deciduous trees used at Christmas time, evergreen content is considered to be long-lasting and self-sustaining for a prolonged period of time – long after its publication date.

Content formats that are evergreen

Generally speaking, evergreen content is very easy to produce and can come in a variety of formats, including:

  • How-to guides and articles
  • Beginner’s guides
  • Curating other content – as long as the content you curate is also evergreen
  • Definition discussions – similar to this blog post
  • Lists
  • Checklists
  • Looking at the detail of a particular niche – sometimes there are too many generic posts and an in-depth article is the ideal evergreen content

Obviously the content of your article or blog post will very much determine how evergreen it will be, but these formats are often very popular choices.

How to write evergreen content

When it comes to constructing evergreen content, there are a few things to remember:

Write for beginners – most evergreen content is designed to help beginners and so this is who you need to be writing for. Keep in mind your audience as you write and use that to try and frame how your blog post will take shape.

Be precise – keep your topic on point and use this to showcase your knowledge. Evergreen content is a great opportunity to show how authoritative you are in your niche.

Revisit it every now and again – keeping it up to date is vital to ensuring its evergreen. Revisiting your posts every so often is very important; check them for facts, make sure they’re still topical and ensure they don’t contain outdated methods or resources.

Why use evergreen content?

This kind of content is the perfect backbone to your content marketing strategy. It provides a focal point which you can build on and will continuously work hard to improve your SEO ranking. If you often use time-relevant content, then interweaving evergreen into your strategy will be the perfect way to establish authority and maintain those all-important SEO rankings as well.

Struggling to plan your evergreen content?

Sometimes the hardest part to creating great evergreen content is getting started. If you’re struggling to make inroads into your evergreen content, get in touch with me here, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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