4 Social Media Channels You Need to be Using

Running a business involves just more than a business idea and good clientele. Most businesses have an online presence of some sort, whether it’s a website, a blog, or both. But a website or blog alone is not enough. The digital world has become much more complex in recent years and with more content than ever, it’s important to make finger-769300_640your voice heard above the noise.  The most effective way of doing this is by using social media.

Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms, easily rivalling Facebook. The unique angle of limiting each update to 140 characters means that each tweet counts. Businesses are now able to directly connect with fans and followers like never before, opening them up to a whole new way of promoting themselves.

As a rival to Facebook, Google+ was launched. An ideal platform for businesses, Google+ is the perfect platform for sharing content and engaging with followers. Despite the appeal of Twitter’s 140 character updates, Google+ has a more permanent appeal when it comes to sharing content – similar to that of Facebook. And if that wasn’t persuasion enough, Google+ is integratable with just about every application online, thanks to Google themselves.
Google+ is more than just a page where you share updates. It’s integrated with a number of Google’s other applications including Circles, Hangouts and Gmail but more importantly, all updates on google+ are indexed by the mass search engine Google, thus influencing search engine results.

All social media channels have been gravitating towards the power of pictures in recent years and Instagram has made a real breakthrough. Built entirely upon images, Instagram has become the go-to network for sharing brand and company message.

Perhaps the newest social media network in this list, Snapchat is fast becoming a tool for businesses to utilise and this is due to its users. The majority of Snapchat users are under 34 with the highest percentage falling within the 18-24 age bracket which means it’s one of the most effective communication tools for millennials – and it’s pretty fun too.

Do you have the time for all of this social media?

Social media is time consuming and to get the best results you want, you need to put time into it. Scheduling software can save you hours but there is still the process of creating and curating your content. If you’ve hit a brickwall with your social media marketing get in touch for a chat and let’s see what we can do together.

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