Blogging for your business- getting the essentials down

Content marketing is big, and it’s only getting bigger. Everyone has a blog, so it must be easy to blog? You write some content, put it on your website and hit publish.

Sit back and wait for the traffic and leads to roll in!

But your website traffic hasn’t increased and the time you’ve invested in your blog isn’t being repaid.

Are you doing something wrong?

No. You’re doing everything by the book, but you may be missing on the essential parts to getting blogging right.

Write content that your customers will love!

So, this can seem a difficult one for some businesses, but really it shouldn’t take long to plan some key topics. The main purpose of your blog should be to attract readers. You attract readers by writing content they will value, this can be discussing changes in your industry or addressing a solution to a key problem.

So if you sell pet supplies you could write about how to train your cat or dog using treats, or write articles about pet health. The recent google updates mean that this kind of content is positively ranked over other content that is clearly written to please search engines.

As I always say to clients, write for people, not robots.

Google is clever, it will catch on if you’re publishing content that is full of keywords or clearly a poorly copied version of another blog. Quality over quantity is key when it comes to building an audience with your blog. Blog posts should vary between 400 to 600 words, but the longer content that is well written will rank well.

If you’re stuck for some eye catching blog topics or title , Hubspot’s Blog Title generator is great. It can generate some fun titles and these can help you to focus the content of your blog.

Update your blog regularly

Updating your blog on a regular basis helps you in two ways. Firstly it helps Google to index your website, especially if you update at the same time each week (or daily). Secondly your readers will become used to regular updates. Website providers such as wordpress let you schedule your content for a specific time and date.

Share on social media- but carefully

Before you start hitting the share button on your newly published blog post- it’s worth studying social media. Depending on your topic and industry you may have better success other kinds of social media.

A key tip to social media is to interact. Interaction helps to spread your blog around but also make new contacts. Social media has the potential to attract so much business, however it is easy to get it wrong. When sharing your content think of it as karma, you need to give before you can expect something back. This can be from sharing great content from other businesses you follow and interacting with their social media with thoughtful comments.

Make the most of extra features

WordPress is a great platform for blogging for businesses. There’s a huge range of plugins that make blogging easier. The free Yoast plugin is useful for helping you to create content that is focused around a specific keyword. You can also use this plugin to optimise your meta descriptions and assign tags to each post.

Another useful feature to add onto your blog are pop ups for emailing lists. Building an emailing is essential to market to your target audience.

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